If you experience a problem outside of office hours please follow the steps below:-

Gas - if you smell gas immediately evacuate the property and then contact National Grid Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999. After that you must report this issue by telephone to us when our offices reopen. 

Fire - if there is a fire in the property under no circumstances should you try and put it out yourself. Evacuate the property, call 999 and then report this by telephone on 0333 242 3233. 

Loss of Electrical Power or Lighting:-

1) Check your fuse box or consumer unit to see if circuit breakers require resetting

2) Check that the loss of power is not because of a general power cut, unpaid bills or failure to pay for connection

If these steps do not resolve the problem please contact our out of hours team by telephone on 0333 242 3233

No heating or hot water:-

1) Check that the boiler and electricity are both on

2) Check the thermostat is not turned down or off

3) Reset the boiler using the reset button (use your manual for specific instructions)

4) Check the boiler pressure and re-pressurise if needed following the instructions in your manual

If these steps do not solve the problem and it is October to April inclusive, please contact our out of hours team by telephone on 0333 242 3233

Security - if there is a problem with a door, window or lock, or you have been broken into, and the property cannot be secured overnight please contact our out of hours team by telephone on 0333 242 3233

Severe water leaks or blockage of your only toilet:-

1) Turn the stop cock if it is safe to do so to stop the flow of water. Stop cocks usually turn clockwise to turn the water off

2) Contact our out of hours team by telephone on 0333 242 3233

Please Note:

If you have an emergency when our branches or lettings centre is closed, ensure that you are experiencing a true emergency and that the issue cannot be resolved during our lettings centre opening hours. When calling the emergency line please ensure you say the issue is at a CJT Property Managed home. 


Please remember that if a contractor is called out as an emergency when a repair is not justified, or your landlord IS NOT on a fully managed contract you will be liable for all costs.

If your repair can be undertaken during normal office hours please complete this form

Please note this service is for residential properties only. Commercial tenants will need to conduct any repairs at their own cost as per the terms of their lease. If a commercial tenant calls our out of hours team they will liable for all costs incurred.