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Moving House? Here’s our top tips for moving house with our best money saving tips.

1. Use a removal company

Not for those on a tight budget but definitely one of the easier options. They will even pack for you if you pay extra. Moving companies can be anything from a few hundred pounds to several thousand. It all depends on how much you’re moving and how far it all has to move. Make sure you’re very clear on what is breakable and needs to be treated with extra care. Always get at least 2-3 quotes as the difference in prices can be huge but price isn’t everything. Check the reviews and make sure they are careful and reliable. Nothing worse than being all set to move and the van doesn’t turn up!

2. Collect boxes

You are likely going to need boxes - lots and lots of boxes. I can highly recommend the pack of 20 that Costco sell as good quality that will last a lifetime. I have some stashed in my loft that my family members always ask to borrow if they are moving. To save money start keeping boxes that deliveries come in - the bigger the better! You could also ask at your local supermarket if they have any boxes going spare.

3. Sell things you don’t need

If you’re anything like me your house has got quite a bit of “stuff” that you don’t need or use. A few weeks before the move identify anything that you can sell. Higher value items might do best on eBay but you can sell with no fees on Facebook marketplace and we have had lots of success with this. Not only will this put a bit of money in your pocket it will also give you less things to move around - win win!

4. Hire a van

Although it will be much more manual labour it will probably end up cheaper to hire a van for the weekend rather than paying a removal company. Just make sure you have the correct licence for the type of van you want to hire! If you are doing it all yourself you might also want to hire a trolley to move your heavy appliances.

5. Call in some favours

Ask friends, family, neighbours, co-workers (anybody with a spare day) to help with the move. This can be especially effective if you hire a van. But even if they just do a couple of runs with a full car it will make a big difference to you. Maybe bribe them with promises of cake or a takeaway on you at the end of the day?

6. Start packing early

There’s lots that can’t be packed until the last minute but the more you do a bit at a time the less exhausting the move will be at the time. Start disassembling furniture in the spare bedroom, pack up your finest dinner set and start sorting through your garage and loft sooner rather than later

7. Pack smart

Use tea towels, towels, bed linen and even clothes to wrap your valuables in. This will save space elsewhere and save money on bubble wrap. If you’re moving a short distance just remove drawers from chests and dressers and move them with the contents in situ. Saves packing and unpacking later! Pack books in small boxes - I speak from experience when I put lots in a big box, the box broke and they all fell onto my feet.

8. Label everything!

You may think you know what’s in each and every box but it’s easy to get confused on the day. You might also not be at the new house to tell people where to put things!

9. Prioritise

Realistically not everything is going to be finished on day 1. Pack a change of clothes, pyjamas etc somewhere that will be easily accessible. Set yourself a goal eg have one bedroom and the lounge set up by the end of the first moving day so you have somewhere to relax. You should also move the fridge first, it will need a few hours to settle before you can turn it back on.

10. Use storage wisely.

It’s a fact of life that often movers need storage. If you need storage in Chester or on the Wirral we have container companies that are tenants of ours who we can recommend. You should check carefully what the minimum term and deposit is and make sure it’s somewhere relatively easy to get to from both your old and new houses.


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